On a Mission to Liberate the World’s Greatest Foods

“I have honestly never tasted beef this good”

- Chef Andre, LA


exceptional foods, from small american producers


SMALL FARMS We only partner with small, trusted farms that use ethical and regenerative methods to pasture raise healthier, happier animals.

Pasture to plate

We ship every MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY to the West Coast and MONDAY and TUESDAY to the East Coast to ensure that your order arrives safely flash frozen. We will send you regular updates as your delivery progresses. We use ample dry ice, so if it does have to sit outside, it will be fine. Most of deliveries arrive in 2 OR 3 DAYS from the shipping date.

unrivaled taste

unrivaled taste We work tirelessly to source the tastiest meat from America’s finest farms.

Excecptional Foods
Beef Sillhoute

Pasture Raised


No Antibiotics, GMO


Tender & Succulent


“The consistency and structure of the meat was outstanding”

Jeff M

“It was such a mind blowing experience I wanted to take it down slowly and gently, savouring every sensation”


“I’ll order more. It was seriously delicious.”

Sharon O

United We Farm,

United We Eat

Meet our Farmers
Beef Sillhoute

Perfectly Raised


Traditional Methods

Ultimate Craftsmen

Ultimate Craftsmen

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Lamb Sillhoute
Anderson Ranches Lamb

Anderson Ranch Raised

Grass Fed

Grass Fed

Best Tasting in USA

Best Tasting in USA

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