Beeler's, Iowa

Meet the Beelers.

A family tradition of raising your food.

Or should we say “meat” the Beelers? For six generations, the Beeler family has been raising the bar for pork production. In 1846, our great-great-grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in Madison County, Iowa. The work he did set our high standards for years to come.

Today, the Beeler family still owns the original family farm that started it all. We stick to the simple, humane, and natural way of raising pork, just like Grandpa Fred. Because when your goal is to deliver the very best, wholesome pork products to family tables, it’s best for us to keep our business as a family affair.

We’ve got a spot saved for you around our family table, serving the same wholesome pork that we had growing up. Take a bite, and you might be surprised to finally experience the way pork is supposed to taste.

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