Hutterite Colonies, Canada

The Southern Alberta Hutterite colonies from where we source our pork apply some of the most self sustaining approaches in the industry. Starting with growing their own crops for feed, to maintaining and nurturing the hogs from birth to harvesting, they manage the entire lifecycle. This ensures that all animals are treated ethically, without any unnecessary antibiotics, hormones, or feed additives. This approach also results in amazing taste, texture and consistency - the best pork you will ever taste.

Hutterites, like Mennonites and Amish, are colonies of German/English speaking farmers that generally focus on only one crop and become experts in this area.  They came to North America in the 1880s and have been working hard to improve their craft. Through this time honored approach, this Hutterite colony raises some of the best pork in the world and we are pleased to make it available to exclusively to you.


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