Masami Cattle Ranch, California

Thirty two years ago, Masami Ishida arrived to California from Japan with the goal of raising the best American Wagyu for the Japanese market and founded Masami Cattle Ranch.  The entirely Japanese run Masami Ranch is made up 6,500 rolling acres in Northern California built to farm and harvest this unique blend of Black Angus and Wagyu cattle.  This blending of the classic 'steak' flavor that comes from Black Angus with the added marbling that comes from Wagyu results in a one of the most tender, mouth watering steaks on the market.  

The team at Masami Ranch employ the time honored Japanese traditions of raising Wagyu with deliberate care and attention in a stress free, animal friendly environment.  Similarly, these cattle are all antibiotic free, no growth hormones, nor any animal by-products in their feed.  The cattle happily roam the green hills of Northern California and enjoy a special Japanese designed grain diet with the goal of delivering the best possible flavor.



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