Delivery FAQs

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across continental USA.

When will my delivery arrive and will it arrive safely?

We ship every MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY to the West Coast and MONDAY and TUESDAY to the East Coast to ensure that your order arrives safely flash frozen. We will send you regular updates as your delivery progresses. We use ample dry ice, so if it does have to sit outside, it will be fine. Most of deliveries arrive in 2 OR 3 DAYS from the shipping date.

Should I put it directly in my freezer?

Leave out what you want to cook that day but everything else should go into the freezer.  It is safe for up to a year in the freezer (but why would you want to wait that long :-).

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime by emailing customersupport@unitedharvest.com


Farms and Butchering FAQs

What is your relationship with the Ranchers and Farmers on the website?

We work alongside every one of the ranches and know them personally.  We want to share their stories with you so you get to know them as well as we do.  They are hard working, determined, multi-generational farmers and ranchers that want you to know that what they do is a true passion and that they are proud of what they do.  Their care for the animals and the land is paramount.  We only work with farmers and ranchers that are committed to non-GMO feed, no pesticides, no antibiotics or no unnecessary antibiotics, no hormones.  

Do you manage and control the butchering?

Yes, we have our own USDA approved butcher, Steve Woods.  He has 50 years experience and manages our complete butchering process from beginning to end.  


How do you finish your beef?

Our Black Angus beef is grass fed and finished with potatoes.  As most of our cattle come from Klamath Falls, Oregon we are lucky to be close to a lot of potato production and we use it as a finishing ration. This finishing approach delivers an exceptionally full and rich flavor.  

Our American Wagyu is grass fed, and finished on a time honored Japanese ration of hay and grain.  This particular finishing ration has been developed over decades to get just the right balance to bring out the most amount of marbling and flavor.



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