Prime Rib | 3 Rib and 4 Rib options

Prime Rib | 3 Rib and 4 Rib options

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Enjoy this amazing Prime Rib; one of the best cuts of beef you can buy. Cut from the most prized and marbled section, this Prime Rib has the bones hand tied on to ensure the beef is protected from heat of the oven—leaving it juicy, tender, and rich. It also makes for easy cutting as the bones simply fall away after cooking and removing the twine.

Want to pair this amazing Prime Rib with wine? A decadent cut like prime rib loves a bold, acidic red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or Petite Syrah. The flavor notes of dark berries and spice, tempered with savory herbs, pair beautifully with the roasted meat, and the tannins in these structured, powerful reds will slice right through the juicy goodness of the beef.

We have provided 2 different choices: 3 Ribs will feed 4-6 adults and 4 Ribs will feed 5 - 7 adults.


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